SS Budi Raharjo and Fikrie Jufrie, Goenawan Muhamad

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SS Budi Raharjo and Fikrie Jufrie, Goenawan Muhamad

S.S. Budi Rahardjo is an Indonesian journalist, book author, and technology figure who actively participates in the development of the media and information technology industries in Indonesia.

He was born on September 7, 1968, in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

He is also known as Budi Jojo.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Universitas Krisnadwipayana and a master’s degree in business from STIE Bisnis Indonesia.

He was a journalist at Matra Magazine Majalah Tempo Groups, and received scholarships from the Ford Foundation, ISAI, and LP3Y for Investigative Reporting.

Budi Rahardjo is recognized for his work as an anti-drug activist at BNN DKI Jakarta.

He has written books, including biographies of important figures, and is often a coach for “How to Write Easily” as a prerequisite for functional position promotions in government agencies and state-owned enterprises.

He has also been a mentor for “Creative Writing” organized by the Dutch Embassy, and a coach for “How to Write Features” from Telkom.

He has served as the editor-in-chief of Sinar, the in-house magazine of the National Narcotics Body, when it was named the best in-house media between departments.

Budi Rahardjo is committed to improving the quality and independence of journalism in Indonesia, and has written for various magazines, including Hotel and Restaurant Magazine, Pasaraya Magazine, and Film and Pulau Ayer Magazine, since he began his studies in 1989.